2016 Celina Governor’s Cup Regatta Cancelled

The Celina Governor’s Cup Regatta Committee has made the difficult decision to cancel its plans for the Regatta in 2016. The last few years have seen a concerning drop in participating race boats. The 2015 event attracted only 24 racing class boats and just over a dozen vintage craft.

The committee has spent the months since the 2015 event evaluating the state of inboard hydroplane racing, looking at teams that have participated in the past, taking inventory of how many teams could possibly be encouraged to attend the Celina Regatta, and looking at other inboard hydroplane race events in Ohio and Michigan. Unfortunately, the declining boat count has effected other races as well. In 2013 there were 4 events, in 2014 there were 3, and in 2015 there were just 2.

The Celina Governor’s Cup Regatta has been a great community event with a lot of history. It has generated over a million dollars in sponsorships, bringing spectators and racers from all over the country, which in turn brings millions of tourism and retail dollars in to the area, as much or possibly more than any other local event.

The event was started in 1958 and ran until 1970. In 1995 Tom Saddler and a group of volunteers restarted the event and turned it into one of the premier hydroplane races in the country earning accolades from racers and officials alike. Racers from all points of the US, Canada, and New Zealand, and Australia have travelled to Celina to put on a show drawing in spectators from several states. One of the major things the committee has been so proud of is that the Regatta has always been a FREE EVENT for the community…an opportunity to showcase our community and our lake.

The committee is going to work with the APBA (the American Power Boar Association), to see what can be done to build up the number of active race teams within the Midwest and the East coast.

The Regatta Committee and Trustees wish to thank our many sponsors who have supported this event throughout the years. Their support made it possible to bring this event to Celina, and when the committee and the APBA are confident that we can bring the hydroplanes back to Celina, we know that we can count on the support of the Grand Lake St Marys communities to again help us bring the noise and the excitement back to Lakeshore Drive.

Scott Anderson & Myron Buxton

Event Co-Chairmen